Learn to Play


How can I start playing polo?

Anyone can play polo, we teach people of all ages, from 7 years old to 70 plus. From non-rider to experienced polo player.

Here’s our guide to getting to your first tournament.

 Joining the Halo Polo Academy

The Academy is a welcoming, friendly, and fun group of polo learners who have lessons and graduate onto instructional chukkas.

Steps to playing polo:

  1. Get in touch  with us to book a beginner group lesson, a private individual lesson or have a private lesson with a group of friends.
  2. When you’re ready you can graduate to playing instructional chukkas. Riders are mounted on club ponies and coached through the elements of slower chukkas, this enables riders to build confidence and experience.
  3. Enough practise with the Halo Polo Academy and you are on your way to joining the Club as a Chukka Member and then a Full Member to take part in tournaments at Thoresby or at other polo clubs.

Benefits of joining the Academy

Professional advice and support throughout your polo journey

A friendly Club with many experienced players to support your learning

Comprehensive and knowledgeable support should you decide to invest in your own ponies

A great social life and annual events programme

The opportunity to buy a pony trained by Halo Bloodstock and continue it’s training through the academy.

When our coaches give you the say so you can move on to club membership and club chukkas,  the polo world is your oyster!!

Get Started!

Contact us for scheduled times and if you would like to book your own group