Watch Polo

Watch Polo

Thoresby Park Polo Club have tournaments throughout the year. We welcome spectators to our clubs’ events to enjoy the exciting atmosphere. Bring a picnic and watch polo with your family & friends. Entry is free for most matches and car parking is available onsite.

We’re passionate about breaking down the barriers to the sport of polo, come and meet the players and the polo ponies.

Contact us or follow us on social media to find out when our tournaments take place, and you can enjoy an awesome day out. 

What to Wear at Polo

Most of our tournament are casual, some are a little more dressed up and are more of an event, with live music and food stands. You can choose what to wear but here is some guidance.

Polo’s dress code is all about easy elegance, add beautiful accessories and you’ve got it covered.

The polo crowd is every bit as well turned out as the polo ponies themselves.  It is, after all a weekend in the countryside.  Just make sure you leave that business suit at home, who wants to wear office clothes when enjoying themselves?


Some favourites are floaty summer dresses, wide legged jump suits or well-cut jeans paired with a fitted a casual blazer.  Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and you’re on the right track!

Colour is good, you are at a summer party, think bright colours and patterned prints.  Polo is fun and exciting, you should dress fun too!  Hold back on the make-up, a fresh, natural look is the way to go.  Less is more.


Think similar, classy casual, smart jeans, chinos or shorts with a cotton, linen or polo shirt. Add a blazer or jacket if it’s cool or you plan to carry on partying into the evening!

Again, go for the bright fun colours!  You’re here to enjoy yourselves, dress fun.

Foot wise, loafers or boating shoes are the most commonly worn shoes. As casual and relaxed as it is, leave those flip flops for the beach!

Stilettos aren’t recommended, they make stomping in divots difficult, and no one wants the embarrassment of getting their shoe stuck in the ground! If you’re going for heels wear block heels or wedges.

Understanding Polo

Fast and furious, polo is the ultimate spectator sport even if you have no idea of what’s happening. If you do want to learn some rules, it makes it even more exciting and here’s the basics for you.

Very much a team game, with four players on each side. The objective is to get the ball between the oppositions goal posts as many times as possible, within a set time.

Remember the teams change ends after each goal, unlike most sports.

Start of Play

The teams line up facing one another along the centre line. The umpire throws the ball between the two teams, who try to get the advantage.


A match is divided into 4 chukkas. After seven minutes of play a bell is rung, however, play will continue for either 30 seconds, or until the ball is out of play.

Playing Polo

Polo rules were made so we can all enjoy this exhilarating game as safely as possible, the best way to understand them is to get on a pony and play an instructional chukka!

Get Started!

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