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Corey is a 2 goal polo player from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. He comes from a polo family and started riding at 4 years old and playing polo at the age of 7 with his father a two brothers. Corey has represented the Zimbabwean national team for many year and has played all around the world against teams from Argentina, England, South Africa, Kenya, Jamaica, Zambia and Tanzania to name a few as well as been the Chief Umpire in his home country for many years.

He has a passion for the sport of polo and loves coaching new players and schooling horses.


Polo Manager

Garath Meikle is a 4 goal polo player from Zimbabwe. Another member of the Meikle family he started playing polo at 5 years of age with his father and two brothers.

Garath has represented Zimbabwe at both under 18 and National level, and was elected as the National Team Captain, playing against many different countries around the world.

He has always enjoyed schooling and producing high quality polo ponies. He is currently developing a new string of polo ponies to develop a career in England.


Business Manager

Erika, hadn’t played polo or even sat on a horse until she arrived in the UK with Corey, she enjoys playing low level polo when she has time.

Erika manages everything behind the scenes and doubles up as a groom when needed.

Mum of Caleb (10) and Zoey (8) who both play polo at Thoresby and Kai who at 3 isn’t quite big enough, but it won’t be long. She is constantly beavering away behind the scenes ensuring the club runs smoothly.

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